Preview – Patrick & Emily’s wedding in Ely, Cambridgeshire

A couple of shots from Patrick & Emily’s wedding at the St Mary’s Church and The Old Fire Engine House in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Below, in the garden of The Old Fire Engine House and the one above is taken in the grounds of the church with Ely Cathedral in the background.



Oliver & Debbie Wedding at Crockstead Farm, Halland, East Sussex

Oliver & Debbie had a beautiful countryside wedding set in Crockstead Farm in East Sussex. Debbie came on a quad bike to the outdoor ceremony, next to a pond surrounded by willow trees. The wedding, the bride and the groom (with his shades) looked stunning in the sunshine of the longest day of the year. We even did a large group photo of everyone in their sunglasses, what a sunny day!

They had decorated a tree in the courtyard with lots of hearts, which made for some nice photographs and a great backdrop for a shot of the wedding dress. They used bubbles instead of confetti in the recessional, which glimmered in the sun. Everything was quite personalised, the button holes came from Debbie’s Mum’s rosebush and the shoes had ‘D & O’ on the bottom.

Check out the photos we shot in the fields of the farm; such breathtaking light and wonderful scenery to end the day with.


Take a look at the full wedding here!




Preview: Andy & Jenny’s wedding at the Hyde Estate

A couple of shots from Saturdays wedding held at St Andrews Church in Nuthurst. The above photo is taken in the stunningly beautiful countryside of the Hyde Estate in Sussex where the reception took place.



Preview: Greg & Samantha Wedding at Eastbourne Grand Hotel

Quick preview shot from last weekends wedding. Taken on Eastbourne’s pebble beach with Beachy Head in the background. The sun was directly above/behind so I balanced this with a bit of flash to highlight Sam & Greg; this helped keep them correctly exposed without losing the background.

Oliver & Debbie_Preview-1

Preview – Oliver & Debbie’s Wedding at Crockstead Farm

A quick preview of this weekend’s wedding. A couple of shots in the beautiful countryside their wedding venue, Crockstead Farm  and my favourite, on the quad bike! I knew we’d have to make this a bit more dramatic with some off-camera flash and Oliver’s sunglasses are the icing on the cake!

Oliver & Debbie_Preview-3Oliver & Debbie_Preview-2


Mark & Sydney’s wedding at Berystede Hotel, Berkshire

Sydney wore a stunning 50’s style wedding dress whilst Mark wore beautiful tailored suit, both looked amazing on their wedding day at the Berystede Hotel in Berkshire.

There were pink, cream and turquoise colours in the flowers and accessories, a black and white checkered dance floor and loads of personalised memorabilia to remember such a special day.

We took some fun shots with confetti and around the grounds as well as some more intimate photos inside the hotel on the balcony and staircase in the later evening. Check out the singing waiters as well, who are great performers and made for some fantastic photos and great fun! Thanks to Neil Bateman for doing the video and for being such a great shooting partner!

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